Yummy Yummy is a 1998/1999 video.


The Wiggles introduce themselves and Paul the Cook. Paul has some hot potatoes, cold spaghetti, and mashed bananas. Greg introduces a song and warns the audience to look out for Captain Feathersword.

Anthony introduces the song about an old steam train and asks everyone to follow along.

Captain Feathersword does a dance that Henry showed him, and The Wiggles do it too.

Greg comments on how there are many places you can walk or run to. Dorothy is walking and eating some roses, Captain Feathersword is running to his pirate ship, Henry is walking to the ocean to have a swim, Wags is running to get some bones, and Jeff is sleepwalking!

Anthony is with four children playing with coloured dough and tells the good things about what to do with dough, like hammering.

After the song, everyone goes to sleep and immediately wakes up... except for Jeff! After Jeff is awoken, he bounces around the room. Anthony asks what he is doing, and Jeff says he's doing a monkey dance!

The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword are making crunchy munchy honey cakes, and mention the different ingredients.

The Wiggles are going to get ready for the song, but first they need to get into their shaking clothes. They go behind a curtain and come out dressed in Elvis-inspired clothing.

Each of the Wiggles say hello in a different language. In Hebrew, they say "Havenu shalom alechem."

  • Song 12: I am a Dancer – Greg lead sings this one, while the other wiggles do ballet moves running across in the background.

Greg performs a magic trick involving the Box of Mystery.

The Wiggles and Paul cook up a healthy recipe, fruit salad, by using bananas, grapes, apples and melons with bowls, knives, forks and spoons.


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